Saint James
Lutheran Church!
400 Columbia Ave
Pitman, NJ 08071

Welcoming God’s people together in Christ to worship, serve, and share God’s love.

St. James is a member church of the New Jersey Lutheran Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Worship & Holy Communion
8:30 & 11:00 am
Education Hour 9:45
All are welcome!


Souper Bowl of Caring Kick-Off!

Our seventh annual Souper Bowl of Caring playoff series continues!

On January 29, we received 132 food items bringing us to a running total of 580! Pittsburgh has a sizable lead after the first half (last Sunday) but Green Bay is expected to have a strong finish. Be sure to bring in canned and dry goods to push your team over the top on Sunday, Feb. 5 in our very own Souper Bowl. Green Bay is looking for a 3-peat!

All donated items to go to the Pitman Pantry. Let’s see how well we can do this year. This year, we are using a point system: canned vegetables and soups are 1 point; pasta, pasta sauce, and canned meals (like Chef Boyardee or Vienna sausages) are 2 points; jelly and canned meats (like corned beef hash) are 3 points. We will also take non-edible items like toothpaste (2 points) or soap (1 point).

The Nativity presented by the Sunday School children

Youth making Christmas cookies to share with homebound, college students & military

Welcome to the Family of God!
Affirmation of Baptism on Reformation Sunday