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If you plan to attend worship in person on Sunday, May 16 please register here

Guidelines for in-person worship as of June 2020:

– We will limit attendance at this time to 40 people plus worship leaders. A reservation system has been set up which you must use each week to let us know you plan to attend worship. If you cannot use the online reservation sign-up, you may call the church office at 856-589-1180.

– No congregational singing. The organist will play two verses of the hymns.

– Please use only low voices for speaking and limited congregational responses.

– Face coverings are to be worn by all, including the worship leaders.

– Maintain social distancing between household groups; alternating pews will be closed off.

– Special music may be included that is instrumental or may include singing, distanced greater than the minimum six feet, due to the increased risk (this could be as much as 16 feet or more).

– The Lord’s Supper will be shared using sealed, pre-packaged communion kits containing a wafer and grape juice. Parents may need to provide assistance with the seals for children who are communing.

If you are attending worship in person on Sunday: 

– Please park in the lot and walk to the sanctuary doors as you are able. Be sensitive to those who need the nearby street parking due to limited mobility and other accessibility concerns.

– Enter the sanctuary through the glass doors of the narthex. Plan to enter the building no earlier than 9:15 am. Maintain appropriate social distance if you choose to wait outside of your vehicle. The parking lot door will be locked.

– Wear your face covering. We have a few available, should you forget.

Upon entering the building: 

– Be aware that once inside the building, you are asked to maintain a minimum 6 feet social distance. Please do not mingle in the narthex, and take your seat.

– You will be directed to enter through the near door of the sanctuary once inside the narthex.

– Please use the hand sanitizer immediately upon entering.

– The communion kits are on a table near the entryway. Each person sharing in the Lord’s Supper should take their own kit as able.

– Copies of the bulletin will be in the pews to minimize contact.

– There will be a basket to receive your offering; we are not passing the plates. You are encouraged to use electronic means, regular mail, or the mail slot on the Columbia Avenue side of the building.

– If needed, please use the restroom in the lounge, and re-enter the sanctuary through the designated entryway.

As you depart the sanctuary:

– Please use only the two doorways designated for exit from the sanctuary (unless there is an emergency).

– There is a basket for your empty communion cups and packaging. Please dispose of these in the lined basket only.

– There is a receptacle for used copies of the bulletin that you do not wish to take home. Please do not leave used bulletins in the pews.

– Please remain in your pew at the end of worship until an usher directs your row to exit.

– Do not mingle in the sanctuary, narthex, or doorway as you exit. Maintain safe social distancing and move from the entryways as quickly as possible.

Finally, we remain committed to comply with guidelines for a safe reopening provided by the CDC, the church wide expression of the ELCA, and the New Jersey Synod. Should the State of New Jersey deem it necessary to return to a more conservative phase of reopening during this health emergency, we will respond accordingly.